The weather has been beautiful but don’t let Mother Nature fool you!  There are probably cooler temperatures to come so be careful about uncovering all of your perennials and cleaning up your flower beds.  Your best bet would be to wait until perennials really start to grow before trimming them back and not uncovering them until our last frost date around April 23rd (50% probability).  

The Petal Patch will be opening April 6th and bursting with plants to inspire you.  We are excited to see all of our gardening friends again.  In the meantime, make sure you keep up with The Petal Patch on Facebook because we are giving away some nice plants.

Please make sure you are on our email list to find out what is happening at The Petal Patch.  We are giving away a 2.5” annual plant to anyone who shares their email address with us.  All of the customers that share their email on our website will be put into a drawing to win a great prize.  This prize will be revealed in June! So bring it on!!

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