The Petal Patch is excited to offer a wide variety of perennials, annuals, shrubs and veggies for your garden! Come browse our green house.

We add new varieties every year. This year some of our newest additions include:

  • Monarda: “Grape Gumball” Great for the pollinator garden!
  • PW Browallia: “Endless Illumination”: A great shade plant with petite purple flowers that bloom all season. 
  • Pleactranthus Cerveza ‘N Lime:Great drought and heat tolerant lime scented plant.  You will want to try this one!
  • PW-Wedding Cake Spirea:  More compact and more flowers!  This shrub is loaded with blooms from late May through early June.
  • Juliet Tomato: A new one for The Petal Patch!  This is a sweet juicy grape tomato that is crack and blight resistant.
  • Sweet Success Cucumber: Nearly seedless cucumber- tender and crisp 12″ long fruit.