The shrubs we offer at The Petal Patch come in a quart size container which makes them easy to plant, or 1 or 2 gallon containers for instant gratification. 


ShrubLight SourceBloomSizeColor
Red Twigged DogwoodSun & Pt. Sunn/aLargeWinter Interest
HydrangeaSun & Pt. SunLate Summer3-5′Beautiful Blooms
Knockout RoseSun & Pt. SunSpring/Fall3-4′Pink or Red
Drift RoseSun & Pt. SunSpring/Fall2-3′Coral, Pink, Red, White
Magic Carpet SpireaSun & Pt. SunSpring/Fall2′Pink
Weigela: Sonic Bloom PWSun & Pt. SunSpring Rebloomer4-5′Pink/Red
ViburnumsSun & Pt. SunSummer8-10′4 season interest-berries, bloom, leaf color
Sun, Pt. Sun & Shade
AroniaSun & Pt. Sunn/a3-5′Significant Fall Foliage
Deutzia PWSun & Pt. SunSummer1-2′Pink/White
HibiscusSun & Pt. SunFall8-12′Varies with Type
Burning BushSun, Pt. Sun & Shaden/a5-7′Red Fall Color
Little Henry Itea PWSun, Pt. Sun & ShadeEarly Summer5-7′Red Fall Color
Tiny Wine NinebarkSun & Pt. SunMid Summer3-4′Dark Foliage/Pink
Summer Wine NinebarkSun & Pt. SunMid Summer5-6′Pink