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Our Story

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We manage a retail greenhouse garden center that enables people to purchase a wide variety of garden plants and products including perennials, vegetable plants and shrubs. All of our plants are grown right here on our farm and are started from bare root, seed, or plug.  Besides growing high quality plants, we offer top notch assistance in helping our customers select the best plants for their situation.


  • 2001 – Cattle panel greenhouse constructed as an addition to our Farmer’s Market efforts. We opened the greenhouse up to the public, offering vegetable plants, annuals, and perennial plants.

  • 2003 – Opened location in Deshler

  • 2004 – Started offering hanging basket classes and renovated part of the machine shed to be used for check-out and events.

  • Fall 2005 – Cheryl attended Horticulture classes at CCC to increase her knowledge of the industry and to become aware of opportunities to expand her business.

  • 2006 – Added 3rd greenhouse (North 40)

  • 2009 – Started doing events that focused on how to add perennials to a landscape.

  • 2014 – Put up larger north greenhouse, adding 2,160-square-feet.

  • 2024 Still going strong!  We appreciate your business and friendship!

  • The Petal Patch started in 2001 with cattle panels and plastic which we turned into a make-shift greenhouse to grow tomato plants that were sold at the Lincoln Farmers Market. Our entire family used to grow potatoes and onions here on our farm to sell at the Lincoln Farmers Market and that is how everything started to evolve. Tomato plants continue to be a large part of our vegetable plant sales. We decided to start growing perennials the year after we purchased our first real greenhouse which was the old Superior Greenhouse in Superior Nebraska.   Every year we have tried to increase our greenhouse volume to accommodate our wide variety of plants.  We moved into annual plants about our third year in operation.  This was the turning point of our business.  Most of my income now comes from the sales of annual plants, hanging baskets, and patio containers. Every year we have expanded our greenhouse space and recently expanded many of our display flower beds as well.  We have expanded beyond hanging basket classes and offer perennial classes and shrub classes as well. In the last few years we have added Proven Winner plants to our selection.

Every year I try to offer something new to the calendar.

I started out with my first hanging basket classes in about 2004 and have been doing them ever since.  Customers can come to my hanging basket/patio container parties and learn how to put a container together.  The customers leave the container with me to grow until around Mother’s Day and then are amazed when they come to get it how large it has become.

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