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Green Garden


Perennials are Cheryl’s passion! We have a large selection of traditional favorites as well as the latest and greatest! 


Perennial Talks will be held in June – please join us!


  1. Perennials are the workhorses of the garden.  They show up every spring (What Fun!) and go to sleep every winter.

  2. When selecting perennials consider the site.  How much sun/shade will it get?  Is it an easy spot to keep watered or is it a dry area?

  3. A plant’s ability to withstand dry conditions does not start the day it is planted… It usually takes 1-2 growing seasons to develop a good root system. This enables the plant to withstand dry conditions.Reflect on last year’s accomplishments in your garden and make plans to visit The Petal Patch for something new this year.

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