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Crazy Times

I guess I have forgotten to get on here and write a blog! I spent an hour or two just trying to remember how to plug this into my website! Technology sometimes gets the better of me, but it is such a great way to connect with all of my awesome customers. I hope I remember to do this in a more - timely manner!

It was a long, hot, and very dry summer here in southern Nebraska. Fall seemed so short with the early freezing temperatures, but the colors were so beautiful while they lasted. The temperatures are remaining steady enough to work in the flower beds and get everything tucked in for the winter months. I have had plenty of time to divide and conquer because I was not needed in the field as the grain cart driver this year, so I'm getting things done! Now it is time to think about the next season. I sometimes hate to talk about winter but ready or not here it comes.

The Winter Container workshops start November 28th. I can't believe It is already November as I am writing this. Why not gather with family and friends at The Petal Patch and create a beautiful holiday container to decorate your doorstep? Everyone is welcome and it is always a fun time. Please make your reservations soon as these workshops tend to fill up quickly.

Until next time...

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